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Some people dream of financial security. We make it happen for you and make you part of it.


Our consulting services focus on our clients' financial needs for the future.

We work in conjuction with PROINVEST on strategies that may form part of your superannuation (self managed super funds), and long term financial freedom planning.


Whatever your financial goals, we will work with you to see if property investment can help you.


The most important part to understand about property investment is affordability and what is

"managed debt".


We have been helping investors for nearly 20 years in the Melbourne market and "affordability" is the fundamental start to any program.  In our free  consultation, we will work with you to ensure you have a full understanding of the real committments of property as well the ease in which a portfolio can be achieved.


Can you afford $50 per week?


Self managed super fudns are not for everyone.  But for those who can reach this goal, property can be the ideal investment.  


Working with registered Fiancial Planner

Nick Anthianidis from Proinvest, we can guide you in the rigth direction and explain if  buying super in your fund is the right choice.


We believe that everyone should have property as some part of their future wealth plan. 

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